Every Wednesday from 09:15hrs at the Poppy & Pint, Nottingham, NG2 5DX.


Local networking, meet new suppliers & gain more business in your local area,
every Wednesday at 9:15 am in West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5DX.
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We only have one seat per business sector, check out our team to see if you would be the perfect fit.
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Networking for business success in Nottingham & the surrounding areas

BNI Castle is a business networking group for like-minded people who regularly meet up to pass business to each other. Each member is the only representation for that business category, therefore locking out competition and allowing confident business referrals between its members.  It is the only business networking group of its kind worldwide!

Our group meet at 09:15am every Wednesday for 90 minutes in West Bridgford, Nottingham. During that time we learn about each other’s businesses, pass business referrals, develop our networking skills and enjoy lots of tea or coffee!

If you have the capacity and would like more business then come along to one of our meetings. You will really benefit from our business networking events in Nottingham!

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Lee Armes
Lee ArmesPainter Decorator
T. 07948 186 737
The Notable Networker Award is given to the member who has consistently strived to meet or exceed networking goals such as referrals, one-on-one meetings with other chapter members or inviting visitors to attend the weekly meeting.

Why not come and visit us and see what benefits our Notable Networker has gained from being a member of our Chapter and what business they have passed to other members. Book a visit today!

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Katie Miles
Katie MilesCharity
T. 07748 581 538
W. moo-haven.co.uk
James Hopkin
James HopkinBusiness Insurance Broker
T. 07767 491 430
W. routenchaplin.co.uk
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